March 07, 2006


In order to make the Application Delivery Challenge emulate a real-time conference as closely as possible, this blog section is designed for discussion of the various topics raised. If you, as a reader, would like to ask a question, please email the question to Steven Taylor at, who is acting as the moderator.

Otherwise, to comment on an existing thread, please use the comment links for each entry.


At this point, I invite each of the representatives from the 2006 Application Delivery Challenge sponsors to introduce themselves, with a little background to help give context to your commentary.

Application delivery appliances versus more bandwidth?

Can you give some general guidelines as to areas where more bandwidth may be more appropriate as opposed to investing in more hardware?

Optimal Size of Company/Organization for These Solutions to be Appropriate

In terms of the size of business for which application acceleration makes the most sense? Is this appropriate for SMBs, or only for larger enterprises/organizations?

Comments are welcomed both from the panel and from users who have installed these devices.

March 21, 2006

Services versus CPE owned/operated appliances

What do you see as the criteria that should be used when deciding whether to deploy one's own solution using available appliances as opposed to contracting for a service that enhances application delivery?