Thomas Dalrymple
Director - Voice Switching, Enterprise Solutions Group, Verizon Communications
Tom Dalrymple is director of voice switching for Verizon Enterprise Solutions Group. He oversees new-product development and product-lifestyle management of the company's voice services including IP Telephony, Centrex, PBX and key equipment. Mr. Dalrymple's responsibilities include developing pricing strategy, policy and targets, product plans, and product-specific programs and promotions. He also conducts market forecasting and planning. Mr. Dalrymple has over 20 years of telecommunications-industry experience gained in a number of increasingly responsible positions within Verizon and the former Bell Atlantic companies. His marketing and new-product development experience includes former positions in data networking equipment and managed network solutions offer management, application packaging and data and voice services-product management. Mr. Dalrymple graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.