Posted August 2003

The Next Internet Protocol

IPv4 has served the networking industry well for over 20 years. But it is beginning to show its age and its dwindling address space will eventually force a change to a new generation of IP. IPv6 is that next generation. An increasing number of suppliers are now offering it as an option in their TCP/IP based products and some new applications are specifying IPv6 exclusively. While it is still possible to run and manage networks with little or no knowledge of IPv6, that time is coming to and end. Prudent network planners should begin to familiarize themselves with the addressing scheme and the new features of this important standard. This tutorial will help you to begin that process. It discusses the need for a change, what is different about IPv6, and what features remain the same. It also describes what some of the options are for making the transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

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Gary Zielke

Gary Zielke is a registered Professional Electrical Engineer who has been involved in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years. Although he does not claim to have invented the Internet he can truthfully say that he has been around since its inception. Network design is his area of specialization. He has developed several computerized tools for the design, simulation, and optimization of voice and data networks. He has authored papers and conducted seminars on a wide range of networking topics throughout Canada, the U.S.A., and Europe. His first hand experience with a wide range of protocols and his personal knowledge of the history of the Internet are distinct assets in providing IPv6 training.

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