Compressed Voice Samples

The following samples were prepared for Distributed Networking Associates by Sipro Lab Telecom Inc. For more information, visit their web site at

Reference Sample @ 44 khz

Reference Sample @ 8 khz

Reference Sample @ 64 kbps PCM

Algorithm No Errors 1% Bit Errors 3% Bit Errors 1% Frame Loss 3% Frame Loss
ITU G723.1 at 5.3 kbps (ACELP)
ITU G723.1 at 6.3 kbps (MP-MLQ)
ITU G729 at 8 kbps (CS-ACELP)
ITU G729A at 8 kbps (CS-ACELP)
AcelpNet 5 kbps (RealAudio / Netshow codec) Sipro Lab Telecom Proprietary codec

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