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ViewsLetter on Provisioning is a fortnightly email newsletter focused on automating the installation and modification of carrier services. As the first issue stated the problem, imagine voice call switching still done by manual cord boards. There aren't enough people in the country to handle the call volume.

Data traffic is growing rapidly and will soon exceed the world's ability to train and certify network engineers (operators) to set up services--unless the process is automated. To meet demand, carriers will need new procedures, new equipment, and new software management tools--creating hope for an economic recovery in telecoms.

We recognize the value of your time, and aim for a length of three pages of ASCII text per issue, no HTML or pictures. A link will point to an illustration or artwork on this web site when appropriate.


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William Flanagan

Bill Flanagan has a comprehensive understanding of voice and data products, markets, and customer needs derived from two decades of experience. His network designs have solved problems for enterprises, government agencies, and carriers.  As VP of marketing and technology for two public companies, he had responsibility for strategic marketing, product management, marketing communications, and due diligence analyses of potential acquisitions.

He served on the Technical Committee of the Frame Relay Forum for more than 10 years. Previously he was a Principal Analyst with Burton Group where he consulted with large enterprises, hardware vendors, and carriers on network architecture.