Wi-Fi Management in the Cloud

A Webtorials Analyst Division Special featuring Joanie Wexler
Posted November 2009



A hot new trend in Wi-Fi is for WLAN systems makers and resellers to host Wi-Fi management services in the cloud. The idea is to minimize enterprises' on-site expenses so they can afford to ramp up their Wi-Fi rollouts. Such services move management servers and appliances and, where relevant, WLAN controller functions into the cloud so that you donšt have to house, administer and update any equipment other than access points (APs). You buy and install the APs and, other than that, just pay between $60 and $110 per AP in a yearly service charge.

The latest company to make such a service available is Aerohive. The company's vice president of product management, Adam Conway, sat down recently with Webtorials analyst Joanie Wexler, and chatted about the "Wi-Fi in the cloud" trend and Aerohive's offering. Listen to the podcast.


Exclusive interview with analyst Joanie Wexler and Aerohive's Adam Conway

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