Enhanced Power over Ethernet
Easier Deployment and Improved Mobility
By Cisco Systems
Published February 2008; Posted February 2008


As the network has become an integral part of the enterprise and small to medium-sized business, new applications have added new devices onto the network infrastructure. From IP telephony-based clients, first introduced in 2000, to new wireless access points based on the IEEE 802.11n standard, the requirement to provide ever-increasing levels of power to network end devices has grown dramatically. Cisco® was the first to develop the capability of providing power to the network end device when it enabled a means of providing power from an Ethernet switch port to its Cisco IP phone. From there, Cisco began work with numerous other vendors within the IEEE to create a standards-based means of providing power from an Ethernet switch port. This Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability has been ratified by the IEEE 802.3af committee and is now widely adopted.

Cisco is continuing to promote the evolution of technology innovation by delivering Cisco Enhanced PoE, another industry innovation. Cisco Enhanced PoE is Cisco’s extension to the IEEE 802.3af standard that supplies greater amounts of power per port. By expanding its PoE support to deliver more than 15.4 watts (W) per port, Cisco offers greater flexibility and mobility to users while offering greater operational manageability to network managers.


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