Achieving WAN Operational Efficiency with the Cisco ASR 1000 Series
By Cisco Systems
Published February 2008; Posted April 2008


A change is occurring in the enterprise business model. The global scope of the enterprise is increasing, with many large enterprises now supporting worldwide, 24-hour operations. New types of content-rich applications are being deployed, as well as realtime collaborative services that incorporate voice and video. And with an increasingly mobile workforce, as well as the need to provide secure access to business partners and contractors, the traditional domain boundaries of the network are also beginning to shift.

Nowhere in the network are these changes felt more acutely than on the WAN edge. As a result, the typical requirements placed on a WAN edge aggregation router have expanded and the WAN edge has become an increasingly complex infrastructure to manage and maintain. Formerly, the WAN edge router was seen as a place in the network where speed and scalability were the main criteria for success. Progressively, the role of the enterprise WAN edge router has evolved into a consolidated focal point for rich services such as voice, multimedia, and real-time collaboration and commerce.


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