Securing the Unified Communications-Enabled Enterprise
By Cisco Systems
Published February 2007; Posted April 2008


In today’s global economy, traditional time and geographical boundaries are vanishing. Many businesses have adopted a 24-hours-a-day approach to serving customers, who may be located anywhere in the world, in any time zone.

For businesses, government agencies, and academic organizations to thrive in this dynamic market, personnel must remain accessible to colleagues and customers worldwide. Employees - who, like the customers they serve, are geographically distributed and mobile - require the capability to securely obtain information from wherever they are to help their organizations compete successfully.

In fact, research reveals a significant business effect when workgroups experience delays in reaching primary decision makers. Delays are exacerbated when organizations run multiple, standalone systems that do not provide employees with an integrated and secure way to conduct and manage their many forms of communication.


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