The Cisco Application eXtension Platform
Doing More with Less
By Cisco Systems
Published 2008; Posted June 2008


The Cisco® Application eXtension Platform (AXP) extends the integration technology capability of integrated services routers to the next level. It enables third parties such as independent software vendors, systems integrators, managed service providers, and large enterprise customers to extend the functionality of the router by providing their own value-added integrated services customized to the individual business.

Cisco’s AXP is the foundation for a new class of network-embedded applications and solutions. These applications natively use routing capabilities and real-time network information and conditions in the network by interacting with routing functionality. The Cisco AXP changes how these applications are deployed, integrated, and managed by delivering an integration capability for branch applications. AXP truly uses the network as a platform and enhances the performance of the application by interacting with common network services such as authentication, security, and routing to applications.

AXP can be separated into two fundamental areas:


The facilities and frameworks to host third-party applications


The service APIs to integrate the application into the network


Based on the above tenets, there are a few primary areas of cost savings in owning and operating an AXP-based environment. We created a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model to elaborate upon the possible cost savings. This model is based on rigorous research and empirical data from use cases. This is a model utilizing operational expenses in a scenario with 10 branch-office sites. Each branch office is estimated to have an average of 50 employees. The model accounts for expenditures over a three-year lifecycle.


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