Media-Ready Network Architecture

By Cisco Systems
Published 2008; Posted July 2008



Video applications are fueling a new wave of IP convergence, necessitating a fresh look at network architecture. There are several forces at work, including pressures on companies to be “green” while covering a broader global footprint and simultaneously increasing productivity. Social networking trends are also crossing over into corporate networks, creating exciting new collaboration and productivity opportunities.


Video applications are placing demanding requirements on networks, often necessitating more thorough consideration than voice-over-IP (VoIP) convergence alone. By embracing video as the next wave of convergence, IT departments can think holistically about their network architecture and its readiness to support the coming incursion of video applications and develop a network-wide strategy to provide high-quality end-user experiences.


Thinking about your video strategy now can help you take the first steps toward the next IP convergence wave and give your business competitive advantages, including the ability to harness the collective creativity and knowledge of your employees and create the capability to fundamentally change the experience your customers receive.


Video as a media is quickly taking hold, supplementing other forms of communication. As a result, a significant portion of know-how and intellectual property is migrating into video mediums. It is critical to get ahead of this trend in order to maintain control of the company assets and intellectual property.


Offering both compelling video applications such as Cisco® TelePresence and an end-to-end network design to support this next convergence wave, Cisco is in a unique position to provide a media-ready network architecture that can help ensure the experience well into the collaborative workforce, enabling strategic and competitive advantage.



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