Cisco 2008 Annual Security Report
Highlighting Global Security Threats and Trends
By Cisco Systems
Published December 2008; Posted December 2008


Compared to previous years, online criminals are becoming even more sophisticated and effective, employing a greater number of relatively smaller, more targeted campaigns to gain access to sensitive data. Human nature - in the forms of insider threats, susceptibility to social engineering, and carelessness that leads to inadvertent data loss - continues to be a major factor in countless security incidents. And the increasing use at many organizations of technologies designed to increase collaboration and productivity (such as mobile devices, virtualization, cloud computing, and other Web-based tools and Web 2.0 applications) is stretching the edges of corporate networks, potentially increasing security risks.

Many different entry points or “threat vectors” are used to compromise the security of individuals and organizations. For example, threats can be aimed at mobile devices and insecure hardware; at weaknesses in operating systems, office productivity applications, and encryption tools; and at numerous other vectors.

The Cisco® Annual Security Report provides an overview of the combined security intelligence of the entire Cisco organization. The report encompasses threat information and trends collected between January and October 2008, and provides a snapshot of the state of security for that period. The report also provides recommendations from Cisco security experts and predictions of how identified trends will continue to unfold in 2009.


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