Secure Router Virtualization
Critical Solutions for Optimizing IP/MPLS Network Convergence
by Yankee Group on behalf of Cisco Systems
Published September 2005; Posted January 2006




Service provider network consolidation plans are progressing steadily in every region of the world. Recent research shows that many carriers are nearing completion of initial phases of long-term, comprehensive plans to build next-generation IP/MPLS networks. Network planners understand clearly that the path to cost reduction, service portfolio expansion and superior profitability lies in collapsing overlay networks on a common IP/MPLS core.


Carrier network consolidation plans begin with engineering a core network designed to accommodate unprecedented IP traffic growth. However, carriers must design the next-generation IP/MPLS core with far more than total system capacity in mind. Among other important objectives, carriers must ensure high availability, guarantee quality of service (QoS), protect against threats to security, enable multicast scalability and distribute router resources flexibly to a diverse range of services and applications.


Secure router virtualization - the dynamic, secure distribution of router hardware and software resources to IP services and applications - is paramount to unlocking important benefits to service providers converging disparate networks. This report examines the role of Secure Router Virtualization (SRV) in next-generation IP/MPLS networks, focusing on demand drivers of SRV, its importance to capital and operational cost reduction, and the key technical requirements of SRV solutions.



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