Unified Communications Application: Uses and Benefits
by Sage Research on behalf of Cisco Systems
Published January 2006; Posted June 2006


Many benefits of deploying an IP Communications (IPC) system are, by now, well-known and well-documented. However, once the basic IPC foundation is set, there are several additional applications that can leverage this converged IP network even more fully. Quantifying the real productivity gains and out-of-pocket cost savings of these relatively new value-added Unified Communications applications can be challenging for those organizations considering an investment in IPC. Yet if armed with such information, potential adopters could make a far more comprehensive ROI justification for their planned deployments. One source of such information are benchmarks from current users−data which until now has been in short supply.


Based on a survey of over 200 small, medium, and large organizations presently using or planning Unified Communications applications, this paper outlines both the challenges that those applications address and the actual benefits that current adopters experience. This paper presents very specific results that quantify both staff-time and out-of-pocket cost savings that users have experienced by implementing Unified Communications applications, thus giving decision-makers a real-world reference for evaluating the technology.



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