Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Support in Cisco Unified Communications Products
by Cisco Systems
Published 2006; Posted July 2006


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) provides a standards-based approach to enabling IP communications for numerous devices and applications. This paper describes current and planned SIP support in the Cisco Unified Communications system. Encompassing IP voice, data, and video communications products and applications, the Cisco Unified Communications system helps organizations communicate more effectively, streamline business processes, and positively affect financial results.


Cisco Systems delivers SIP technology through a comprehensive roadmap that includes support for SIP RFCs (requests for comments) on a wide variety of Cisco products. The Cisco roadmap also integrates the SIP RFCs with the enhanced capabilities of the Cisco Unified Communications system. Organizations that adopt SIP-compliant Cisco products can reap the benefits of greater scalability, extensibility, and modularity for their communications today. They also establish a solid foundation for the unique and exciting capabilities associated with SIP technology as it extends in the future to additional communications types, devices, and applications.



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