The Value of Subscribing to Managed Metro Ethernet Services from Service Providers with Cisco QoS Certification
by Cisco Systems
Published 2006; Posted November 2006



This paper is written for technical staff members in enterprises that are considering deploying Metro Ethernet services.


The paper begins by describing how Ethernet has evolved from a technology exclusive to LANs to one equally at home in WANs – the “metropolitan area.” By extending Ethernet to the WAN, you can better control your communications; take advantage of converged voice, data, and video services; and save money, among numerous other benefits.


Next the paper highlights a number of important reasons why your IT department should consider out-tasking the management of its Metro Ethernet services. Cutting administrative overhead and reducing capital investment are two prime reasons, but many other compelling incentives exist as well.


The paper then explores why your company needs QoS levels for its Metro Ethernet services. In essence, these QoS levels let high-priority traffic – voice and video for instance – get through networks in sufficient time to deliver the desired quality of service. Next, the paper defines and describes how to calculate three performance parameters that can affect both your service-level agreement (SLA) and your Metro Ethernet QoS: frame delay, frame jitter, and packet loss.


The document then explains how Cisco Systems® has introduced a new Cisco Powered Network Metro Ethernet QoS Certification that can help you find a qualified service provider. In essence, this certification tells you two things: First, that the managed service provider delivers its services over a network built end to end with Cisco hardware and software. And second, that the voice and video traffic on this network meets high performance standards.


The final section of the document describes the technologies that certified service providers use to attain these performance standards.



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