Integrating WAN Optimization with Branch Office Routers

By Cisco Systems
Published September 2007; Posted October 2007


The number of branch-office work sites is increasing, so network administrators need tools to help them ensure solid application performance in remote locations.  Also, branch-office communications requirements are evolving to embrace collaborative applications, video, and Web 2.0 technologies.


These developments are also placing greater performance demands on the branch office and WAN. The enterprise trend toward data-center consolidation also continues. The consolidation efforts move most branch-office assets into data centers, largely to comply with regulatory mandates for centralized security and stronger control over corporate data assets.


Consolidating data centers while growing the branch-office population means that increasing numbers of remote employees access LAN-based business applications across comparatively slow WANs. With these applications growing increasingly multimedia-centric and latency-sensitive, IT and networking staffs are further challenged to keep remote application response times on par with the experiences of users situated locally to the company’s application servers in the data center. These local users enjoy multimegabit LAN speeds and are not affected by any distance-induced delay, unlike their counterparts at the other end of a WAN connection.


One way to address branch-office performance requirements is by integrating specific technologies for optimizing the WAN experience alongside other required branch-office networking functions within the Cisco Integrated Services Router platform. The Integrated Services Router packs all branch-office networking necessities, including WAN optimization, into a single compact, easy-to-manage platform. Cisco WAN optimization services coupled with the Cisco Integrated Services Router lowers networking total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprises with growing numbers of branch-office sites.



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