Information Empowerment: Fact or Fantasy?
Unconventional Wisdom

Tom Nolle, Founder and President, CIMI Corporation


A Webtorials Brief

Published June 2008, Posted June 2008



One of the most cherished notions in all of enterprise IT and networking is the notion of information empowerment. Workers, armed with the best information money can buy, become productivity machines, generating a payback that justifies a lot of hardware and software investment.


In the past, we've looked at the role of empowerment in justifying things like SOA, and we've introduced the notion of "jobspace" as a means of understanding just what empowerment means in a logical sense. What we propose to do this month is look at the statistical framework of the workforce to get a notion of what workers might really be "empowerable" and thus learn how much money might be on the table.



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