Frame Relay VPNs vs. IP VPNs

The role of IP in today's networks continues to expand and grow in importance. As today much of IP traffic is carried over frame relay networks, there is tremendous discussion about how our networks will evolve to new technologies and architectures. One current hot topic is certainly the role of IP VPNs. This presentation will look at the current traffic trends driving this discussion, the present situation of frame relay in our networks, and provide a compare and contrast for FR vs. IP VPNs . Finally, there will be a discussion of a possible scenario under which both types of VPNs will integrate for a high performance network architecture of the future.

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Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is a Product Marketing Manager at Nortel Networks where he has worked for eleven years. In this role he is responsible for the marketing of frame relay services and equipment in Nortel's Passport product line. Immediately prior to movement into this role he completed a two-year expatriate assignment in England as a senior product architect and team leader. His previous experience in Nortel has included additional positions in research and development, as well as in manufacturing operations.

Mr. Walsh holds Master degrees in managerial and technical disciplines from North Carolina State University, and a Bachelor degree from Clarkson University. He has served on several charitable organization boards including the North Carolina Symphony and RTP chapter of the March of Dimes.

Mr. Walsh is currently serving as the Chair of Market Development and Education committee in the Frame Relay Forum.

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