Steven A. Taylor

2707 Lake Forest Drive

Greensboro, NC 27408


Phone: (336) 288-3858

Professional Services Offered

Communications System Analysis and Design

Strategic and Tactical Technical Product Marketing

Competitive Analysis

Product Testing

Technology Education

Training Course Development

Product and Technology Reports

Expert Witness

Market Research

Background and Experience Summary

More than Twenty Years Experience in Communications, including Consulting, Publishing, and Network Planning, Operations, and Design at:

bullet Distributed Networking Associates
bullet University of North Carolina Educational Computing Service
bullet Data Communications Magazine
bullet Networking Management Magazine

Founder and President - Distributed Networking Associates:

bullet Started business in 1984, with years of experience in high speed networks, including T1/T3, packet switching, voice/data integration, VoIP, ATM, Frame Relay, and IP.
bullet Editor/Publisher of Webtorials, a web site designed for outbound market messaging and lead generation
bullet Large, satisfied customer base including corporations, educational institutions, equipment manufacturers, and carriers.
bullet One of the industry's most published authors on high-speed networks.
bullet Extensive track record in teaching seminars and developing classes.

Professional Qualifications

Distributed Networking Associates

Greensboro, NC

Private Corporate Consulting

bullet Primary emphasis in networking systems design, plus product and service review, analysis, and specification.
bullet End user customers include private businesses, large educational systems, and several of the major manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunications equipment.
bullet Specialty areas include both high speed digital (T1/T3) networking systems and packet switching. These specialties combined to provide a leadership role in the exploration of "broadband packet" technologies, including ATM, frame relay and SMDS.
bullet Served as expert consultant/witness in litigation involving T1/T3 services for FTS-2000 and other networks.

Educational Programs

bullet Extensive public seminar series offered in high-bandwidth technologies, including T1/T3, frame relay, ATM, X.25, and SMDS.
bullet Private training includes numerous training classes for product development and product management teams for major manufacturers and carriers, especially in emerging technology arenas. Also sales training for equipment manufacturers and carriers.
bullet Extensive training seminars for large corporate customers.
bullet Computer-based training software development and products, including contract "Subject Matter Expert" for major research organization.
bullet Highly sought-after speaker for trade shows, meetings and expositions. Frequent presenter for Communications Networks conference, International Communications Association (ICA) Annual Conference and Summer Program, Frame Relay Forum, etc.

Industry Publishing

bullet Produced the TECHLINK Report (May 1987 and May 1988), a detailed competitive analysis report on networking T-1 multiplexers; ISDN Compatibility in Networking T1 Multiplexers (August 1989); a detailed report on Newbridge Networks (August 1989); and Buyers' Guide to Networking T1 Multiplexers (May, 1990).
bullet Monthly columnist/analyst and Contributing Editor for Data Communications magazine.
bullet Over 40 articles published on high bandwidth digital enterprise networking.
bullet Technology Editor for Networking Management magazine and Editorial Director for Broadband Packet Review (through June, 1993).

University of North Carolina Educational Computing Service

Research Triangle Park, NC

bullet Responsible for planning, installation, and operation of state-wide network of about fifty educational institutions.
bullet Projects included designing, evaluating, testing, and installing extensive packet switching multiplexer network.
bullet Also responsible for operation of large matrix switch and numerous statistical multiplexers.
bullet Other responsibilities included teaching data communications seminars, evaluating data communications equipment for state contracts, and participating in various cooperative data communications planning groups.
bullet Daily operations require familiarity with numerous CPU's and operating systems including IBM 3081 running MVS/JES2, DEC VAX systems running both UNIX and VMS, HP 2000, and numerous microcomputers.


Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Master's degree (Artium Magistri). Dartmouth Fellowship for graduate study in physics. Research and thesis in plasma physics.

Guilford College, Greensboro, NC

B.S. degree. Major in physics; minors in math and German. Graduated with high honors and departmental honors.

Customer Base

A sampling of Distributed Networking's customers includes:

Corporate and Government End-Users: American Airlines, ALCOA, ARCO/Alaska, BP Exploration, Baxter Healthcare, Defense Information Services Agency, Electronic Data Systems, Environmental Protection Agency, FMC Corporation, GSA (FTS-2000), GTE, Hewlett-Packard, Mitre Corporation, Mobil Oil, National Library of Medicine, Northwest Airlines, TransAmerica, US Dept of State, Westinghouse.

Communications/Computing Equipment Manufacturers: 3Com, ADC/Kentrox, Alcatel, AT&T, ascom Timeplex, DSC, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, LarsCom, NEC, National Semiconductor, NET, Network Systems, Newbridge, Northern Telecom, Premisys, Stratacom, Telematics.

Carrier Community: AT&T, AT&T Bell Labs, Bellcore, CompuServe, GTE, Pacific Bell, Southern Bell, US Sprint


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