June 22, 2009

Future-Proof Networking: Making Decisions That Last

  • Cisco Systems
A funny thing happened on the way to the recession. As the global economy slowed in 2008, then came to a screeching halt in 2009, it sent a wave of change through the IT community. A mind shift gradually began to take place and CIOs found themselves pausing and reevaluating their investment decisions, realizing that now was the time to make sure every investment being made was not only in line with their company's strategic vision, but also driving them diligently toward their goals.

IT infrastructure purchasing everywhere decisions were being scrutinized. Is this purchase strategic to our business? What will we really gain in the long run? Are we applying resources in the right areas? Will this investment proactively prepare us for the inevitable upturn as well as the next downturn? Every investment decision was being revisited to evaluate its worth.

IT has matured and become pervasive. The recognition of its value, the growing dependence companies have on IT and the role it plays as an integral part of business success is no longer debated. A company's IT infrastructure is now recognized as vital to business growth and productivity. As a strategic part of doing business, many organizations have become more thoughtful in their IT investments and less apt to cut IT budgets and resources as a way to reduce costs.

Value is today's challenge and motivator. The new test of a good value in IT has shifted from how inexpensively something can be purchased to how this investment serves the company's strategic vision. If there is a silver lining to be found in this economic downturn, it might be that it brought us back to a more balanced way of making IT investments.

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