January 11, 2010

Integrating and Automating IP Address Management

  • Infoblox Integrated IP Address Management Solution
  • Integrated and Automated for Real-Time Visibility, Control and Compliance
  • Infoblox

IP address management (IPAM) refers to the management of allocation, administration, reporting and tracking of public and private IP space, IP devices and associated data. Enterprises typically deploy systems and processes that interact with the DNS and DHCP infrastructure in order to provide IPAM capabilities.

A majority of IT departments use manual processes, spreadsheets or home-grown tools for IP address management. A typical process for a new IP address assignment to a printer may involve several steps spanning several departments; as a result, a simple request for an IP address for a new device may require hours of work and days of elapsed time as each set of hands becomes involved in the process, with the attendant potential for introducing errors along the way.

The Infoblox IP address management DNS Appliance automates and simplifies IP address management thus reducing network operating costs and eliminating configuration errors and associated downtime.

This whitepaper discusses the importance of a sophisticated IPAM solution and provides an overview of how Infoblox IPAM solution satisfies all of the key IPAM requirements for today's organizations

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IP address management can be a real headache if managed manually. Not only is there the possibility/probability of misconfiguration, but there's also the associated liability.

This paper is admittedly focused on Infoblox's offering, but it provides a great benchmark regardless of your exact choice of supplier.

In addition to this paper, I encourage you to review the posting concerning Infoblox's DNSSEC solution in the "News and Reviews" section.

The paper has no specific mention of IPv6. So I have a couple of questions for Infoblox...

Does the product support IPv6?

If so, in what way does it solve particular challenges that will be presented by the increased address space and additional options offered by IPv6?


Hi Steve,

Good question.

Infoblox not only supports but greatly simplifies IPV6 deployment and management. IPV6 complexity creates unique challenges for network administrators and existing tools and practices for DNS and IP address management do not scale well.
Infoblox appliances are JITC certified for IPV6 compliance and can be configured with an IPV6 address. Infoblox appliances provide following feature functionalities for simplifying IPV6 networks -

1. DNS for IPV6 addresses: Infoblox NIOS appliances support DNS zones with IPV6 addresses. Automation of DNS tasks ensures that the complexity of IPV6 addresses is hidden from the administrators. Infoblox solution supports IPV6 DNS AAAA records, AAAA shared records, IP6.ARPA zone and mixed IPV4 and IPV6 ACLs.

2. IPV6 IP address management: Traditional means of IP address management (e.g. spreadsheets, home grown applications etc.) fall short in an IPV6 environment. Sheer complexity of long IP addresses combined with the huge address space makes management difficult. Infoblox IP address management functionality (IPAM) simplifies this complexity. Using Infoblox solution, administrators can create/split/join IPV6 networks, auto create ip6.arpa zones and manage IPAM for dual-stack hosts. In addition users can monitor IPV6 space utilization and automate IPV6 address assignment.

Hopefully this clarifies questions you had about Infoblox support of IPV6.

-Shel Sharma

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