April 18, 2010

2010 Business Communications Drivers

  • Integration, Optimization, and Cost Reduction Drive Investments in Business Communications
  • A Special Report by the Webtorials Analyst Division

In February of 2010, members of Avaya's user groups were invited to participate in a survey about business communications requirements and investments.  

The key findings of this analysis are:
  • Businesses are most interested in integrating and optimizing communications technologies and methods.
  • Businesses plan to make new investments in IP Telephony (IPT) and Unified Communications (UC) to meet their integration goals.
  • Green IT technologies continue to draw interest for their own sake and for the associated cost reductions.
  • The desire to integrate communications and provide support for mobile employees continues to drive interest in UC.
  • Investments in Contact Centres are focused on agent productivity and the enablement of IP and/or SIP based solutions.

Roughly 82% of the more than 700 survey respondents were located in the United States, with another 9% in Canada.  Respondents in the healthcare/pharmaceutical, higher education, government, and financial industries comprised the largest number of respondents (51%, collectively), though users from manufacturing, insurance, telecommunications, and other industries were also represented in single-digit percentages each.  

The survey sample included mostly respondents from companies in the mainstream of technology adoption: 79% replied that their organization invested carefully in their communications infrastructure after weighing needs and costs, while 14% indicated that they sought best-in-class communications solutions.  Only 7% said that their communications did not change much over time.

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This independent survey and report was commissioned by the International Avaya User Group and conducted by the Webtorials Analyst Division. Most survey respondents were located in North America and included representatives from the healthcare/pharmaceutical, higher education, government, and financial, manufacturing, insurance and telecommunications industries.

The results of the survey are especially striking in light of the current global economic conditions. Convergence in general, and Unified Communications in particular, has moved from a “nice to have” to being a business imperative for survival by empowering a more flexible, mobile, and productive workforce.

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