June 9, 2010

Eliminating Borders to Enable Any Place, Any Time, Any Device Access

  • A Win-Win for Business, IT, and Users
  • Infonetics Research, Inc.
Technology advancements constantly drive down the cost and time in moving "stuff" around the world, whether it's physical, moved by container ship and airplane, or information digitized and sent over communication networks. Communication technology has experienced especially rapid changes over a short period. Fewer than 20 years ago, e-mail was relegated to a select few business users, scientists, and students, with everyone else sending letters and making phone calls. Fast forward to 2010: Anyone can broadcast status updates to their entire circle of friends and acquaintances, even those hiking the Appalachian trail, with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. This has had a world-shrinking effect; the end of the world doesn't seem so far away if you can get there quickly, or check it out on Google street view.

Along with these advances, our expectations are changing. We expect communication and information exchanges to be instantaneous, interactive, and media-rich. Ten years ago it was nice to hear someone's voice; today it's nice to see that person in high definition video. We don't know how we'll be communicating in another 10 years, but if innovation maintains its current pace, it will be very different from today.

This paper by Infonetics is presented on behalf of Cisco Systems.

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1 Comment

This is a very good and concise independent paper that presents the case for "borderless networks."

I particularly like the way that the paper looks at the rationale for eliminating borders, the borders that must be dealt with, and some examples of how services may be improved by eliminating these borders.

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