July 22, 2010

Wi-Fi Spectrum Management

  • A Webtorials Thought Leadership Discussion
  • Explore the latest Wi-Fi spectrum management issues in this discussion with top industry thought leaders from AirMagnet and Cisco Systems.
  • Joanie Wexler, Lead Analyst and Moderator
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Welcome to this Thought Leadership Discussion about managing the unlicensed RF spectrum in wireless LANs (WLANs).

Wi-Fi networks operate in unlicensed wireless frequencies in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Because these bands are unlicensed, everyone has equal rights to use them. As more Wi-Fi networks get deployed, the more crowded these "free" frequencies get. So it's important to protect communications growing increasingly prone to interference that can cause connectivity and performance problems.

This discussion addresses approaches to successfully managing spectrum and discovering and acting on sources of interference so that businesses can optimize performance and lower the risk of their Wi-Fi connections. Please feel free to participate by posting your own questions and comments, which our participating thought leaders will answer in a timely fashion.

Featured participants in this discussion are:

joanie.pngJoanie Wexler, Wireless Industry Analyst and Moderator

dilep-100x100.png Dilip Advani, AirMagnet/Fluke Networks

Neil-100x100.pngNeil Diener, Cisco Systems

Some of the questions discussed include:

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