December 7, 2010

Beyond MPLS: Delivering Cloud-Ready Networks

Most analysts agree that cloud computing will forever change how enterprises sell, purchase and use business applications and IT infrastructure. Cloud computing - whether implemented as private cloud, public cloud, or both - increases the complexity of enterprise WANs and changes the business landscape for major carriers and other network service providers.

MPLS is a 15-year old technology... and under threat of revenue erosion from enterprise IT transformations and a commoditization of MPLS services, providers must adapt business models beyond MPLS to the evolving IT strategies of enterprise customers. Cloud computing in fact creates tremendous business opportunities for providers through value-added VPN services. Network service providers delivering cloud-ready networks will take pole position in the cloud computing market.

Innovations such as WAN Governance from Ipanema powered by their Autonomic Networking System (ANS™) enables service providers to:
  • Transform core business offerings with a new generation of embedded VPN services.
  • Deliver cloud-ready, business-aware, application centric, VPN services directly coupled with enterprise customers' business objectives for higher IT value.
  • Capture IT budgets by simplifying enterprise IT transformations to cloud architectures.
  • Increase VPN profitability by refocusing sales strategies away from MPLS pricing to higher value services.
  • Reduce churn and acquire new customers by selling the greater business value of your cloud-ready platform and services.
With Ipanema Technologies, providers increase revenue from:
  • Delivering differentiated services relying on cloud-ready network offerings.
  • Shifting enterprise customers' IT investments from major integrators and outsourcers to their own revenue streams.
  • Growing private cloud data center hosting services.
  • Extending VPN offerings to third-party cloud data centers.
  • Upgrading market position from connectivity provider to trusted business advisor.
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1 Comment

This is an excellent paper that defines Ipanema's vision for moving services from a commodity provider of bandwidth and connectivity to a platform for application delivery. As noted in the paper, key proposition is to enable service providers to move, for instance, from SLAs that specify technical parameters like link loss and link delay to application performance metrics such as MOS.

Even though the paper is oriented to service providers, I feel that the information will be extremely valuable to enterprises in knowing what types of services to be requesting from the service providers.

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