December 8, 2011

Presence and IM: Reduce Distractions and Increase Productivity

Communications and collaboration via Unified Communications (UC) has become a major tool in fostering greater productivity in the enterprise. Leveraging near real-time communications such as Presence technology and Instant Messaging (IM) is a goal of most enterprise users. In addition, social networks are invading the enterprise and cannot be ignored. Enterprises will need to embrace social networks to help customers and employees communicate and to improve contact center satisfaction. 

The communications industry is moving toward integrating multiple forms of media into one cohesive, flexible platform that a combination of disparate platforms cannot deliver. Two components of UC capabilities in this movement are rich Presence information and Instant Messaging (IM). Both, of which, are fundamental components of the Avaya Aura® architecture and the broader UC framework.

Avaya's vision is to integrate and interoperate with other vendor's communications capabilities for Presence information and IM outside of the enterprise network. The Avaya Aura® platform is designed to integrate with third party platforms, not to block their use.

The average user has two or more communications devices and networks operating simultaneously. Presence information can be delivered about a person, organization, knowledge expert or an enterprise function. Presence and identity are the glue that connects people and collaborative experiences to drive accelerated business processes. Avaya Presence technology aggregates these devices and networks into an efficient enterprise communications solution. 

Instant Messaging (IM) has become a ubiquitous business communications medium. This trend was primarily driven by employees using consumer applications at work, rather than being provisioned by corporate IT departments. Tens of millions of today's consumer IM accounts are being used for business purposes by enterprise employees and other organizations

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Back in the "good old days," we spent countless hours playing "phone tag" with colleagues and clients. Going fast-forward to today, we still spend an incredible amount of time playing "multimedia tag" with these same folks.

In fact, the Webtorials 2011 Unified Communications and Cloud-Based Services Report point out that a typical knowledge worker spends over an hour a day "trying to contact customers, partners, or colleagues."

The good news is that this process can be greatly streamlined with effective presence and messaging management.

In this paper, Avaya first outlines the issue. Then, using their products as an example, they outline a strong set of solutions. As such, it provides an excellent benchmark regardless of your exact choice of supplier.

Keeping your team on the same page, in today’s mobile work environment, is imperative. Collaboration software that aims to help small or big business users is just that we are waiting for. And we also need to say goodbye to e-mail for business.

Can you please expand on your comment about "needing to say goodbye to email for business"?

Thanks for the comment!

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