March 21, 2012

Improving End-to-End Network Scalability and Resilience with MPLS at the Edge

Network operators and service providers are facing enormous challenges.  Networks must be engineered, built, and maintained for bandwidth optimization, resiliency, high quality of experience for end-users, and ease of management, end-to-end.  

While Ethernet can deliver a cost effective network, it doesn't always scale well and sometimes fails to deliver on the quality of experience that users have come to expect.  How, then, can providers ensure that they can deliver the services that their customers are demanding without costly investment in their network infrastructure?

MPLS has transformed the service providers' core network over the past decade and is quickly moving into the Ethernet access network to extend MPLS benefits like scalability, traffic engineering, quality of service, and resiliency closer to the customer.  This is creating a more intelligent access network to support end-to-end services.

This paper will address the advantages of extending MPLS to the edge network to achieve lower operating costs and create a more scalable and resilient service offering.

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Offering a comprehensive and technical argument for extending MPLS all the way to the edge of the network, this paper is a great resource. In particular, it highlights the increased performance, manageability, and reliability of end-to-end MPLS.

Even though the primary focus of the paper is a case for service providers to offer these services, it's also most useful for end-users to ensure that they are appropriately informed about service options.

I'm looking forward to additional commentary from our community concerning this approach as compared with other architectures.

To Telco Systems... Can you offer some examples of service providers who have implemented this architecture and the comparative advantages that they are providing to the users?

Hi Steven,
Thanks for your comments. We have multiple customers who have used MPLS to the Edge for variety of deployments. A utility that offers wholesale mobile backhaul using its fiber network, Service provider which combines business services and moble backhaul to multiple providers from one demarcation using MPLS and HQOS - providing practically multi-CoS, MSO which offers business services like services used by schools and libraries in their area, and many more.

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