October 23, 2013

2013 Guide to Network Virtualization & SDN

  • Part 1: Introduction and Network Virtualization
  • Jim Metzler, Ashton Metzler & Associates
  • Distinguished Research Fellow and Co-Founder
  • Webtorials Analyst Division

Over the last year, the hottest topics in networking have been Network Virtualization (NV) and software defined networking (SDN).  There is, however, considerable confusion amongst enterprise IT organizations relative to these topics.  There are many sources of that confusion, including the sheer number of vendors who have solutions that solve different problems using different solution architectures and technologies, all of whom claim to be offering SDN and/or NV solutions.  

The primary goal of the 2013 Guide to Network Virtualization & SDN (The Guide) is to eliminate that confusion and accelerate the adoption of NV and/or SDN.   The guide will achieve that goal by walking the readers through the following set of topics:

  1. What are the problems and opportunities that NV and SDN help to address?
  2. What are the primary characteristics of NV and SDN solutions?
  3. How does NV and SDN help IT organizations respond to problems and opportunities?
  4. How are IT organizations approaching the evaluation and deployment of NV and/or SDN?
  5. What is the role of organizations such as the ONF and the OpenDayLight consortium?
  6. What approach are the key vendors taking relative to NV and SDN?
  7. What should IT organizations do to get ready for NV and SDN?

The Guide will be published both in its entirety and in a serial fashion.  This is the first of the serial publications.  This publication will focus on NV.  The three subsequent publications will focus on:

  1. SDN
  2. The Vendor Ecosystem
  3. Planning for NV and SDN

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