October 9, 2013

Performance Management is Key to Service Delivery

Managing the performance of multi-vendor Unified Communications (UC) environments effectively is challenging and critical for operational success given the complex nature of today's UC architectures. Part one of this white paper explored using real time and historical metrics to validate service delivery and part 2 examines the efficiencies gained in the management of UC across various service delivery models including:

  • Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)
  • IT Outsourcing (ITO)
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


Your introduction mentions various service delivery models including UCaaS - How does Prognosis performance monitoring help service providers deliver UC from the cloud?

In much the same way as when UC infrastructure is on premise, or in a hybrid/legacy situation Prognosis provides that vital ‘heads up’ when degraded conditions are detected. This ensures incidents are addressed before they affect system performance or lead to an outage. Recently a provider who didn’t have that early warning system in place experienced an outage which had the knock on effect of introducing latency into their routers causing poor voice quality and other unwanted effects. They contacted us as a matter of urgency because they just did not know where to start investigating. After installation Prognosis rapidly identified where various problems existed, which meant they could be resolved and normal service resumed. During the outage voice calls were diverted away from this provider causing them financial loss, and an impact on their brand that could have been mitigated if Prognosis had been in place. Prognosis can be likened to having service-continuity insurance for your business.

That’s quite an example of how useful a heads up can be! So how do you put this early warning system in place?

You can deploy out of the box thresholds that will alert you to degrading conditions at defined intervals containing informational, warning or critical messages. With IR’s up and coming Prognosis 10 release, these alerts can be received on any HTML5-capable device so you can receive, prioritize and manage them from your iPhone or tablet. The messages will contain a url that will take you straight to the heart of the problem. Over time you can finesse the conditions and warning levels of thresholds so that you get a reliable early warning system in place that can also mask spikes in usage that are expected exceptions. In this way you reduce the number of false positives and don’t receive alert floods.

One of the areas discussed in your paper is increasing operational efficiency as a way to achieving service excellence. Can you elaborate on this?

Multiplatform availability and performance management software provides service providers with flexible, automated and real-time management solutions. One of the benefits of using a single performance management solution for multiple vendors’ technologies, versions, applications and locations is that it enables IT staff to readily leverage their skills across all customer environments and achieve more outcomes with less resources.

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