May 11, 2017

Is There an Age Bias to How Business Professionals Communicate?

We previously published our survey results on "How Business Professionals Communicate" and "How Do Business Professionals Prefer to Communicate."  Given the rapid developments in advanced communications technologies and tools over the past decade, is is important to understand these findings further specifically by age group.  And some of the results are quite surprising.

First, let's look at how actual communications methods used break down by age.


The graph above shows the percentage of communication methods used by our respondents from our survey that formed the basis for our 2017 Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report.

Despite the perception that the younger generation is extremely connected via electronic means, the survey shows that phone calls are by far the most often method.  And in a mirror image of telephony, email is used more by the older cohort.  The prevalence of face-to-face meetings shows a tendency for more use among the older cohort, though not drastically so.  And, finally confirming the common perception, "chat" and video are use more by the younger cohorts.

But how does this compare to the preferred methods?


Starting with telephony, we still see a strong showing among the youngest group, but then it evens out once we get to those over 30 years old.  However, when looking at email there is a totally inverse relationship concerning email.  It is more commonly used as the age group gets older, but it is also less preferred.  And among the older age groups, there is a marked preference for face-to-face, despite the almost equal actual usage.  Finally, chat, on-line collaboration, and video were essentially flat across age groups.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to receiving your thoughts as to why some of these differences are so stark.  Some are intuitive, but, as always, the counterintuitive differences are most intriguing.  (Please post your comments here and join our trending discussions).


For demographic information, please click here.  To access the companion Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Reportclick here.

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