June 1, 2017

Does Email Increase Employee Productivity in the Workplace?

"Yes, of course it does", one would say if casually asked. After all, email has been the gold standard for communicating over the last several decades. It's a tool we all have; our common denominator.

However, considering all of the more contemporary tools we now have at our fingertips to communicate instantaneously, such as chat, IM, video, online screen share, skype, hangouts, etc., email does have its drawbacks...so our survey confirms.

In our recent survey for our 2017 Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report, we asked our respondents to share their opinion on email. Specifically, we asked if email was more helpful than prohibitive, or more prohibitive than helpful to their personal productivity in the workplace. 

Well surprise, surprise. Nearly 50% stated that email is more prohibitive than helpful to personal productivity. What's going on?
Email1.JPGEmail is not the panacea for all things communicated. Email takes time, lots of it. Time to open. Time to peruse. Time to search. Time to read. Time to compose a response. Time to proof. Time to send. And, email is not interactive, collaborative or communicating in real-time, is it? When I want to quickly converse with my colleagues, for example, I use Google hangouts. Or chat. Or SMS.  With a single ping we're engaged, interacting and making decisions. Within seconds or minutes, our conversation is done.  

To maximize productivity, employees should have access to a wide variety of communications' tools; unique tools for unique types of conversations. 

Today's advanced UC solutions gives employees the option to choose the type of communications methodologies that works best for them, from a single platform.  

Email will always be with us. But it may no longer be the crème de la crème of electronic communications we once knew.

We welcome your comments and feedback on our discovery. What's your opinion about email? Is is more helpful than prohibitive - or more prohibitive than helpful to personal productivity?



For demographic information, please click here.  To access the companion Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Reportclick here.

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