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Lucent - Alcatel Merger: Impact on Corporate Networks?

In the laterst MegaMerger-of-the-Month, Lucent and Alcatel have announced an intent to merge. While the question of whether this is a good move for the two companies is not a primary concern for corporate users, the impact of this merger indeed does have a potentially profound impact.

So the question whether thsi is a good move or a bad move for the corporate network. Of particular concern, will this trend of megamergers slow innovation in the industry in general? Also, what wil be the impact standards and interoperability if each large company starts to produce its own internal architecture?


The French got a great deal and the poor employees and stockholders got the short end of the stick.

I can't believe United states will let this foreign country take away ( or should I say) steal valuable information and technology from us without even a blink of an eye. They are moving to Paris folks! The people of the united states are losing here!

Its quite obvious what's motivating this merger (telecom merger and continued lack of growth on both sides).

However, this is clearly a merger of two underperformers. Expecting them to improve because of it would be like expecting two drunks to walk in a straight line by walking together.

Finally, the end of a company that ruined great companies. I wonder why Alcatel kept the some of the Lucent management, especially the CEO

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