Storage Track Sessions
bullet NAS Virtualization – The End of NAS Islands
bullet NAS storage systems have seen tremendous growth over the past few years, growing from simple workgroup solutions to mainstays in the enterprise with performance and capacity that addresses the needs of many applications. Their boon has been simplicity, but their bane has been the complexity of management when multiple independent NAS file servers are required for desired capacity or performance requirements. Many companies are attempting to solve the management challenges of multiple independent NAS file servers. This presentation will look at the pros and cons of the most prevalent of these architectures and include a discussion on select implementations from several vendors.
bullet Mike Kazar
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bullet Fabric Attached Storage: Convergence of NAS and SAN
bullet The infrastructure of storage technology is rapidly changing, as the industry migrates toward NAS/SAN convergence and offers additional storage services, such as remote administration and mirroring and clustering technology. This session will address how major industry players are collaborating to develop open standards protocols through consortiums such as Direct Access File System and Open Storage Networking, and will discuss how these collaborations will help customers to simplify, share, and scale their networking storage infrastructure, while at the same time doubling the performance of their business applications.
bullet Keith Brown
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bullet iSCSI – What’s Real, What’s Not?
bullet During this session, a panel of the industry’s leading vendors and end-users of iSCSI-based IP SAN connectivity and management will address the iSCSI 1.0 protocol as well as how the standard solves customers’ storage and networking requirements today and provides a foundation for the future. The panel will discuss current IP SAN technology and its benefits and shortcomings, and will specifically address the types of applications and enterprises for which iSCSIbased technologies are best suited.
bullet Steve Duplessie
bullet Panelists: Kevin Daly, Dave Malerba, Kevin Liebl, Chris Glidden
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bullet Storage Strategies for Disaster Recovery
bullet Companies need to effectively develop and implement disaster recovery plans by using a range of storage options to assure that their data are secure and easily retrievable. Determining the best solution or combination of solutions is critical to protecting, backing up and archiving critical business information. This session will cover the range of storage solutions – from NAS/SAN to automated tape to virtual disk – and how each can play an important role in securing data. In addition, it will address how storage software can benefit other IT projects such as server consolidation and can maximize efficiency while reducing costs.
bullet Jeff Drew
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bullet From Pockets to Packets: Electronic Transfer of Data for Protection and Archiving
bullet The communications and storage elements of the data industry have developed independently of one another over the past several decades. This is particularly true in the case of secondary storage using removable media (typically magnetic tape or optical disk). As storage technologies continue to evolve, however, fixed magnetic disks (which have significant performance and manageability advantages over removable media) are becoming economically competitive with removable media for many secondary storage applications, particularly for data protection and archiving. This presentation will address the implications of the use of fixed disk technology for data protection on data communication infrastructures.
bullet Kevin Daly
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