VoIP, Voice Recognition and Customer Interactions

Date: Wednesday January 29, 2003
Charlie Rabie
VP, Aspect Communications

Today, the best-designed and run contact centers are taking a holistic approach to customer care through convergence, not just of networks, but of applications. Organizations are deploying a full stack of applications from workforce management to VoIP and IVR. VXML is the latest speech technology element of this converged approach. The end results for customers are greatly improved experiences, as they are served by one unified system rather than by several disparate silos; they will no longer have to give the same information over and over again, first to self-service components and then to different live agents.


Attendees will learn about:
Cutting edge practices and technologies that the best contact centers are implementing today.
How these centers save money by improving self-service customer interactions.
What's next for customer interactions, including leading edge natural language speech technology that will greatly enhance the self-service contact centers are able to offer.


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