Web Services Track Sessions
bullet A Web Services Reality Check
bullet This session will define Web services and will show how people understand Web services and why they are investing in projects. The instructor will share information on how enterprises are obtaining their Web services, challenges to adoption, perceived benefits, and what software is being acquired. Information will be presented by enterprise size class or vertical industry to illustrate the variability among user segments. Finally, the instructor will discuss recommendations for IT managers given the state of the art and the status of adoption observed in the market.
bullet Anthony C. Picardi
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bullet Attacking and Defending Web Services
bullet We all know by now that security is a significant concern with Web services. But what do we mean by that? This session provides a taxonomy of the types of attacks you can expect against Web services environments and then describes the controls you will need in place to defend against those attacks. A complete (but broad) discussion about Web services security standards and specifications will be included.
bullet Pete Lindstrom
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bullet UDDI and Its Role in Web Services
bullet OASIS UDDI Member Section, IBM Central to the evolution of Web services are XML-based technologies, including Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI), which provides business registry services for the Web services componentry, thus enabling applications to find services. Once found, the registry provides information to automate the binding of an application to the desired service. This session will discuss registry functionality, the status of the public registry operated by Microsoft, SAP, NTT, and IBM, and IBM's strategy for Web services and UDDI. Also learn how tooling can use UDDI to drive rapid generation of Web services, for new or existing applications.
bullet George Zagelow
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