Introduction to Steganography

Steganography is the art of hiding information. While steganography has been used in various forms for thousands of years it has become more visible recently due to its application to hiding the plans and communications of terrorists and criminals, as well as extreme pornography, in seemingly harmless image, video and audio multimedia files for transmission over the Internet. This Webtorials presentation by Global Telecommunications Consultant James P. Cavanagh describes the basic concepts of steganography, its application to digital files, provides a stunning example and discusses some actions which can be taken to reduce the likelihood that your systems will be exploited.  This Webtorial is designed to supplement the Introduction to Encryption Webtorial.

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Jim Cavanagh, The Consultant Registry

James P. Cavanagh has been intimately involved with sales, marketing, engineering, public and private network design, installation and training of ATM, Frame Relay, IP, and DSL since their early commercialization. In the area of traditional consulting, Mr. Cavanagh boasts a long list of recognizable manufacturers in the emerging IP networking arena, as well as traditional telephony, carriers and service providers, and end-user organizations. Mr. Cavanagh has helped his clients with everything from product specification to network procurement, design, integration, installation and engineering.

Mr. Cavanagh is the editor of books on multimedia networking and network security, as well as author of Frame Relay Applications: Business and Technology Case Studies. He is currently writing a book on network and infrastructure security, as well as ramping up his training and consulting efforts in the area of network and infrastructure security. Mr. Cavanagh is also a frequent guest on panels at industry conferences, has been an instructor for the International Communications Association's (ICA) Summer Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder since 1992. Additionally, Mr. Cavanagh provides training on ATM, Frame Relay, Emerging Technologies, LAN and TCP/IP Integration, Telecom and Datacom Fundamentals and a variety of other subjects.

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