Storage Networking: Perspectives on Terminology and Meaning
by Howard A. Goldstein, President, Howard Goldstein Associates, Inc.




The demand for storage in most enterprises is growing at around forty to fifty percent per year. At this rate of growth, the demand for storage doubles roughly every eighteen to twenty-four months. At the same time that the demand for storage is exploding, most enterprises are also demanding increasingly higher levels of application availability. 


In order to manage the cost of storage successfully during this time of rapidly increasing demand, and at the same time improve application availability, IT professionals have a clear challenge. That challenge is to transition away from traditional methods of providing storage. 


OK, identifying this challenge is simple. What is not so simple is determining how to make this transition in ways that provide both investment and career protection. And, if that was not stressful enough, storage networking vendors are creating a whole new set of vocabulary. This means that IT professionals looking to develop a transition plan for their company's storage, need to first develop a new vocabulary - one that describes a myriad of storage networking products and technologies. 


Storage Networking: Perspectives on Terminology and Meaning is a primer on some of the terminology used to describe the various approaches to storage networking. The primer is written by Howard Goldstein, a well-known industry consultant and trainer.


About the Author:


Howard Goldstein has over 30 years' experience in storage, data and telecommunications networking having positions in technology, management and education with practical technical experience in architecture, design, planning, implementation and operations. His focus ranges across various network architectures and products, specializing in storage networking including IP Storage, SCSI, and Fibre Channel technologies. Goldstein holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts and an MS in Telecommunications from Pace University, is a frequent speaker at Networld + Interop and Storage Networking World and is the founder of Howard Goldstein Associates, Inc. a technology and education company offering instructor led training. 



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