IP Telephony: Then and Now
by Kevin Lopez, Grant Thornton, LLP




As we've criss-crossed the country over the past couple of years meeting with enterprises of all sizes, we've heard a recurring theme: "We love the idea of VoIP, but there isn't a sufficiently good business case." And as time goes on, this theme becomes increasingly frustrating because we believe that there is indeed an excellent business case for most enterprises to move toward VoIP. But you might have to take a few more chances, look a little more deeply, and be a bit more creative than you have for some prior technology upgrades.


This case study by Kevin Lopez, manager of telecommunications at Grant Thornton, LLP, a global accounting and business advisory firm, shows how by taking the proverbial bull by the horns and moving forward, Kevin was able to realize a reduction of more that 30 percent in monthly long-distance toll charges for his company. Additionally, the company was able to enhance the standard calling features of their telephony network.


We've often blatantly stated that the strategic benefits of IP Telephony, such as enabling unified messaging and providing a platform for next-generation contact centers, provide the strongest business case. Nevertheless, this analysis shows that the tactical business case can be extremely strong, making IP Telephony implementation a no-brainer for conservative as well as progressive enterprises.


About the Author:


Kevin Lopez is National Manager of Telecommunications for Grant Thornton, LLP. Kevin has worked in Telecommunications for over 13 years holding various technical and analytical positions. Working the past four years for Grant Thornton, LLP he created the voice standard, implemented 5-digit dial over an IP network and created a full voice network with key applications such as Unified Messenger, Phonetic Operator, Call Accounting and E911.



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