Is Your Firm Getting the Most Out of IT?
by Malcolm I. Allan, SysDom Technologies
Published July, 2003: Posted July 2003




We think you’re going to find this IT Business Brief, which actually is the first installment of a three-part series, most interesting and useful. When it first came across my desk(top), it literally screamed “This is what IT Business is all about!”


There are a few aspects I particularly want to make note of. First, the RoI analysis discussed here closely parallels a methodology that we’ve been discussing extensively over the past couple of years. This is the concept of moving the RoI discussion from the tactical realm of purely cutting costs to the strategic realm of performing a cost-benefit analysis and considering the impact of using IT to redefine business processes.


Secondly, considering the fact that only a little over 50% of our readership is based in the US, I’m quite pleased that this piece actually comes from Europe. On the one hand, this adds a global perspective. On the other, the common themes here confirm that the need for fundamentally shifting our IT priorities is a worldwide phenomenon.


Finally, this series fits our mission in that it looks at the entire IT realm, and not just the telecommunications aspects. I’m sure that after reading this installment, you’ll be eagerly awaiting the continuation.


About the Author:


Malcolm I. Allan is a Senior Partner at SysDom Technologies, a London-based consulting firm based on providing comprehensive solutions from conceptual planning, design architecture, vendor analysis & selection to final delivery and maintenance.



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