Application Performance Management Strategies and Goals
by R. ‘Lynn’ Nye Jr., APM Advisors
Published January, 2004: Posted January, 2004




To an ever-increasing extent, the world of applications and the world of the network to support those applications are converging.  In fact, one of the most exciting technology areas for 2004 will be the continued integration of “layer 4 through 7” capabilities into traditional networking equipment.


But what does this mean to the enterprise, and how do you architect your network to take advantage of these emerging capabilities?


In this IT Business Brief, our long-time associate, Lynn Nye, proposes both a function description of what you should expect from application performance management systems and an architecture that provides these function at various points in the network.


About the Author:


R. ‘Lynn’ Nye Jr. is the founder of APM Advisors a consulting firm specializing in Application Performance Management working with IT groups, service providers and product companies. He has over 17 years of experience in the industry including the founding of Centrisoft Corporation, his earlier consulting company NetResults, a Marketing role at Sync Research and his introduction into IT came at First Interstate Bank.


Nye recently published an extensive research report, “Application Performance Management,” that is available at the Webtorials store.



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