Future Proofing the IT Staff
(Part 1 of 2)
by Gary Audin, Delphi, Inc.
Published April, 2004; Posted May, 2004




Whenever a technological advance appears on the scene, getting the technology to “work” is usually a small step on the road to more widespread acceptance. No matter how good the technology is, it’s rendered useless if it can’t be appropriately managed by the operations staff.


Converged technologies represent an especially high hurdle with respect to staff training. To a much greater extent than we typically see in most innovations, convergence brings together the historically disparate voice and data networking staffs and requires significant cross-training.


In this first of two IT Business Briefs addressing this issue, Gary Audin looks at the scope of knowledge and skills requisite for a successful convergence implementation.


About the Author:


Gary Audin is President of Delphi, Inc.  He is a systems integrator by experience who has published many articles, has taught more than 2000 seminars, developed Computer Based Training and Video Assisted Instruction in communications and computer technologies.



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