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Alan Weissberger, Technical Director of Data Communications Technology Inc., focuses on Web Services standards and specifications, Grid Computer Networking and architecture, technology assessment and network management of Nex-Gen optical and wireless broadband networks. As a part of an initiative on the use of web services for Nex Gen service management, this microsite is devoted to updates and papers in this critical area.

bullet NEW! Grids for Telcos- A Huge Opportunity being Missed?
bullet Having participated in numerous grid computing events and the GGF for almost three years now, this author is convinced that grids offer huge opportunities for telcos- first as a grid user and later as a grid networking provider. However, the telcos – especially those in the US- seem to be out to lunch with respect to this huge opportunity. This is especially puzzling, since the grid technology continues to mature, while grid standards evolve and product offerings stabilize.
bullet July 2005
bullet NEW! Grid VIP Summit
bullet At this 4th Grid VIP Summit, speakers, senior executives, and grid industry luminaries (e.g. Ian Foster, Charlie Catlett, etc) discussed areas of common concern regarding Grid project justification, use, future developments and market trends. The focus was clearly on industrial applications and challenges. Market Research Analysts attempted to clarify the definition of grid and how the grid was being used to share resources, but it seems they created more questions then they answered.
bullet July 2005
bullet NEW! Follow Up from GGF14: Telco CG Meeting and Comments on Other GGF Activities
bullet The GGF Telecommunications Community Group (telco-cg) held their inaugural meeting June 29th at GGF14 in Chicago. This is the first chartered GGF "Community Group." It differs from a Working Group or Research Group in that a CG is an industry community of interest, which develops informational documents, rather then specifications or profiles.
bullet July 2005
bullet Finally, Open Grid Service Architecture (OGSA) is Real!
bullet Several very important developments at the GGF14 meeting in Chicago, June 27-30 have the potential to greatly accelerate grid middleware development. This could lead to interoperable distributed computing sooner then expected and on a much larger scale then has been seen to date.
bullet June 2005
bullet Web Services Interoperability June Meeting Report
bullet Probably the most important event at this meeting – an IBM led BOF (Birds of a Feather) session on B2B Web Services Profile- was a non- happening for WS-I. This raises the question of what new work WS-I will take on now that the Basic Security Profile (BSP) documents are nearing completion. The B2B Profile, presented by IBM, includes three sets of emerging web service standards: WS Addressing, WS Reliable Messaging (without WS Policy aspects) and the WS-I BSP. It was noted that two of three WS Addressing documents were nearing completion in W3C (core document and SOAP binding). The WS Reliable Messaging standard work is just starting this month in the newly formed OASIS WS-RX TC. The BSP work should be completed by this fall at the latest (see BSP WG report below). So it appears that all referenced web services standards are mature enough for profiling.
bullet June 2005
bullet What Type of Reliable Messaging will be needed for Grid Computer Networks?
bullet The advantages of Web Services reliable message delivery for eCommerce and eBusiness have been well documented by IBM, Microsoft and others.  However, there has been almost nothing published on how grid data, control, and management messages will be reliably delivered to one or more end points (over a grid computer network).  We do know that grid networks are different from conventional Intranets and Extranets, but what’s so special about grids?  How do they differ from previous distributed systems? 
bullet May 2005
bullet Backgrounder on IEEE 802.22 Wireless Regional Area Network Working Group
bullet WRAN technology is initially targeted at wireless broadband (remote) access for geographically dispersed, sparsely populated areas.
bullet April 2005
bullet Are Managed Network Services the Way to Interconnect Grid Sites?
bullet What Role will Web Services Play in Managed Networks?
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bullet March 2005
bullet Web Services Interoperability March Meeting Report
bullet WS-I Advances BSP documents and Explores New work items
bullet March 2005
bullet Making Reliable Web Services Message Exchanges Secure and Tamper Proof
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bullet February 2005
bullet In Search of the Next Generation Network (NGN)
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bullet January 2005
bullet New Broadband Fixed Wireless standard (WiMAX) may be used to access Grid Computer sites
bullet Report from the WCA Symposium: January 11-14, 2005
bullet January 2005
bullet IEEE Globecom 2004 Review
bullet Virtualization of IT resources, fiber build-outs, and regulatory trends will stimulate Grid Computing
bullet December 2004
bullet WS-I November Meeting Report
bullet WS Security Specs advance; Deutsche Bank presents Secure WS Application
bullet November 2004
bullet Web Services Reliability Becomes an OASIS Standard
bullet Will extend use of Web Services for mission critical e-Commerce and Business Grids
bullet November 2004
bullet GGF12 Telecom Related Sessions
bullet Telecom Panel, Enterprise Grid Workshop, End-to-End Management of Grids, NMA RG
bullet November 2004


About Alan Weissberger

As the founder and Technical Director of Data Communications Technology (DCT), a technical consulting firm started in March 1983, Alan J Weissberger specializes in telecommunications standards and their implementation. His clients have included network providers (AT&T, NTT, Pacific Bell, US West, Entel and CTC in Chile, Telkom South Africa, Moroccan PTT, others) , equipment and semiconductor manufacturers (many), and large end users. In 1995 and 1996 Alan was the principal architect for the European Commission’s multi-service, multi-country ATM network – the largest private network in Europe (that network has now evolved into Gig Ethernet over CWDM). In 2000-2001, he was Ciena’s lead ITU-T delegate, contributing to the standardization of the optical control plane in SG13 and SG15. Alan now represents NEC Corp in several OASIS TCs dealing with Web Services, while also attending the Global Grid Forum and the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF).

DCT was a Principal Member of the ATM Forum from 1993 to Feb 1997. Previously, Alan has actively participated in the Frame Relay Forum, DSL Forum, SONET Interoperability Forum, and OIF, as well as T1X1.5, T1E1.4, T1M1.3, T1S1.5. He has published over 100 technical contributions to these standards bodies and forums – many in the last five years.

Dr. Weissberger has over 37 years of computer and communications engineering and strategic planning experience. He was granted seven patents and has one pending on implementation of SONET/SDH virtual concatenation (filed by start-up Lambda Networks).

Alan has lectured extensively on network and telecom topics – both in public seminars and private workshops at client companies. He is very well known in Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Israel, South America, and South Africa for his seminars and over 100 published papers in IEEE journals and trade publications. Alan was an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University from 1975- 1988, where he established the Graduate EE Telecom curriculum and taught 42 graduate EE classes. Weissberger also presented guest lectures at IIT in Madras. He is a Sr Member of the IEEE (1980) with degrees from SUNY at Stony Brook (BS), Northeastern University (MSEE) and MIT (ScD).

Weissberger’s assessment of xDSL and DWDM technologies were published in 1999 by Price Waterhouse Coopers. Dataquest, IDC, Forrester, and RHK have published Alan’s technology summaries. He was a co-author of the John Wiley & Sons book on ATM over ADSL (Jan 2000), working closely with co-lecturer and prime author John Bingham. Alan taught xDSL short courses at IEEE Infocom 1998 and privately for selected clients from 1997-1999.



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