Protecting IMS Networks From Attack
by Krishna Kurapati
Published September 2006; Posted December 2006


Application-level attacks and fuzzing are on the rise. Can IMS cope?

Just as the ecommerce companies have learned that they must go to great lengths to protect their core servers from hackers, malware and service abuses, so too must network operators who plan to offer Internet-based services using IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) technologies.

Because the Internet is an “open” system, any user can freely connect to it at any time from any place with little effort, making it a fertile breeding ground for a wide variety of malicious and unauthorized activities. With both ecommerce and IMS, security is a necessary requirement, as any down time of the site or service means lost revenue for the company.



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About the author:

Krishna Kurapati is the founder and CTO of Sipera Systems, a company that specializes in security for VOIP, mobile and multimedia communications.


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