Application Security: Countering The Professionals
by Robin Layland
Published September 2006; Posted December 2006



Attacks are moving up the stack and getting more sophisticated. Are you ready to deal with them?

Security threats and attackers are turning professional. Network managers still need to stop the script-kiddies from defacing their websites, but it is becoming increasingly important to stop the professionals who want to steal valuable information. The new attackers search for vulnerabilities in the application and exploit these weaknesses. Attackers are bypassing the traditional network-layer firewall and IDS defenses; their exploits appear as legitimate traffic to the network layer defense, but hiding in the application layer are deadly attacks.

Working to counter these threats are a collection of security vendors, some established, some new. Well-known security vendors such as Cisco and Radware have been joined by new security players such as NetContinuum, Imperva, Citrix, Breach Security, Protegrity and ConSentry Networks. Additional players can be expected to join the field in 2007. Their goal is to take security to the next level and protect both the network and applications.


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About the author:

Robin Layland is president of Layland Consulting, a firm that specializes in network architecture and new technology. He has more than 25 years’ experience in enterprise networking as both a consultant and working at technical and management positions.


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