Scaling IP-Telephony Systems Management

By Andrew Hunkins
Published February 2007; Posted August 2007



Size does matter when it comes to systems management. If youíre working for a small organization and you donít have a significant number of management tasks, you can fully leverage the tools that come with your system. So if youíre working for a small organization, this article is probably not for you. The concepts discussed here are intended for those responsible for medium or large enterprises, and those interested in fully optimizing their telephony investments.

FCAPS is an acronym for the five areas of systems management: Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security.


Iíd like to offer three concepts that dive deeper into the reasoning behind FCAPS and therefore, the power of it. This information will help you make the right choices about systems management as you migrate or expand your communications network into IP-telephony technology.


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About the author:

Andrew Hunkins is the founder and CTO of Unimax Systems Corp., which provides configuration management software products and solutions for the enterprise.


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