ITIL And The Evolving CMDB

By Hank Marquis

Published February 2007; Posted August 2007



Why is the Configuration Management Database so often misunderstood?

Where there is the heat of hype, there is fire and, without a doubt, the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is hot. Just look at IT service management vendor advertising and promotion: It seems as if the vendors spend more on the term “CMDB” than on any other element of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). And perhaps with good reason, as database and related resource management are aspects of ITIL that rank among the top issues facing business and technology managers today.

Apart from the hype, however, there is a real need for CMDBs, and for ITIL in general. ITIL is the world’s most appealing IT management framework precisely because, by following its process and operational guidance correctly, one can reduce costs, improve quality, align IT with business and comply with ever increasing legislation and regulation - achieving many of the goals of every business and IT manager.


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About the author:

Hank Marquis is a managing partner and the chief technology officer at itSM Solutions LLC, a firm specializing in IT Service Management coaching and education.


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