Management May Be The Most Important VOIP App Of All

By Zeus Kerravala
Published September 2007; Posted April 2008



New productivity-enhancing VOIP-enabled applications have to be a central focus for VOIP to be adopted enthusiastically by users. But even before that, IT has to get assistance in managing their modestly-sized deployments today. To do that, you should begin looking at the VOIP-specific as well as the general topdown management solutions.

As soon as you make those investments, I guarantee you will get a much better perspective on the day-to-day of activities within your VOIP installed base. The workaround today for a bad VOIP service is pretty easy, since everyone has a cell phone glued to their hands. But what is the back-up when those real-time applications are being used by hundreds of employees?


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About the author:

Zeus Kerravala is Senior Vice President for Boston-based Yankee Group and oversees the global enterprise research and consulting services.


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