Getting A Grip On Wireless
by Edwin E. Mier and Robert Tarpley
Published November 2005; Posted May 2006


A year ago, BCR readers saw the results of our first hands-on review of a new product class: systems designed expressly for securing wireless networks. Much has happened since then, and the time had come to revisit the subject. So the results of this, the latest BCR-Miercom test round, are presented here.


First we re-surveyed the industry, looking for systems and packages that provide "enhanced and advanced management and control" of wireless networks. We uncovered several key new players. And at least one vendor in last year’s review, Chantry Networks, had been snatched up (acquired by Siemens).


An open solicitation to participate was issued to all potential candidates, and four vendors accepted:



Aruba Networks, which submitted its A2400 Mobility Controller.


Cranite Systems, which sent us its WirelessWall system.


Devicescape Software, which provided its software-only Wireless Operations Center (WOC).


Symbol Technologies, which submitted its WS 5100 Controller.


The results are presented in this article.


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About the authors:

Edwin E. Mier is founder of Miercom, a network consultancy and product test center; and Robert B. Tarpley is a test engineer at Miercom.


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