Convergence In The Closet
by Matt Brunk
Published January 2006; Posted June 2006


We are seeing market pressures and forces at work. IP telephony has continued the LAN/WAN corporate infrastructures’ convergence of the desktops. The network carriers are converging, too, by offering voice, data, video and signaling on one pipe, and with the addition of security services, the pipe should be clean, free of spam and viruses. Then, we can apply accelerators in various forms on the LAN or WAN to improve upon the user experiences, and manage our traffic better before it gets to the WAN, or LAN.


We also have convergence of personal appliances and tools requiring connectivity. What lies between the carrier and the customers are closets, and plenty of them. This is a very exciting opportunity, considering the reduction of power consumption for one year is 7,919.04 kWh. That’s an equivalent of 4.6 barrels of crude oil—each U.S. barrel of crude is 42 gallons, so you’re saving almost 200 gallons a year.



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About the author:

Matt Brunk is president of Telecomworx, a Maryland-based interconnect.


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